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Occupying Wilderness


Location: Pawna, Maharashtra

Year: 2024


We have been asked to develop a position on placing a home and its landscape on a site that has been hitherto untouched by human hands. (mostly)


Occupying wilderness is a very old question and its answer has been evolving at a pretty breakneck speed in recent times - mainly in response to peoples growing awareness and maturing tastes. one would be remiss not to mention the fact that like most profound revelations, this growing philosophy is rooted more in an aesthetic philosophy than an empirical and technical one. 

There are of course, many tools at the landscape-architect's disposal to analyze a site for its measurable and physical characteristics. All of them are important. Meditating on the intangible qualities of the site and the landscape-to-be, remains a nebulous goldmine of untested techniques, each more revealing than the next. 


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We have begun by talking about what this site is and what living here could be. we have done this by creating photo montages of the site, drawings parts of the site spaces to evoke memories and impressions (depicting colour, chaos, and serendipity) , collecting seeds, and sketching ideas about interacting with such spaces. 

And, in what could be considered as a departure from what is considered "site analysis", we have also collected soundbites of similar places during the mornings and post monsoon showers - just to put ourselves in the spirit of places like these. 

Work in Progress

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