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footprints in the valley

low cost housing - landscape design & natural resource management


11 acres


2017 - 2018

design team:

project architects:

Arjun Sharma, Gaurav Shetty

S+PS Architects, Mumbai

This project allowed us to work on a much larger site, where it was decided early on that the spatial structure of the site would dictate the floor space- land occupancy of the project.

The chakan region, where our site is located, is drained by the indrayani river. This river flows about 2 km south of our site and flows eastwards. The Indrayani river is fed by a network of ephemeral and perennial streams, which in turn shape the natural landscape (hillocks and valleys) around.

Our site is part of one such hill that sits beside a semi-perennial stream, draining into it. The stream beds produce two different types of landscape, based on the nature and size of the stream and the slope of the land.

The areas around smaller streams and steeper grounds tend to become a lush greenery occupied by pioneer community species. The beds on larger streams and flatter grounds tend to be used as fertile cultivable farmlands.