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the solarium

landscape design for interior atrium space

Navi Mumbai

730 sqm

work in progress


design team:

project architects:

Arjun Sharma, Gaurav Shetty

Serie Architects

We were invited by the good offices of Serie, Mumbai to share in their vision of a “solarium-esque” restaurant at Nerul. The design required some heavy lifting in the HVAC and civil works departments, which was handled by the Architecture team to near perfection.

The planting design required a vast yet careful selection of plant species. The planting design involved a playful composition of various plant scales, leaf sizes, colours, textures and forms. The plant material included a variety of pothos, aglaonemas, anthuriums, ferns, philodendrons, monsteras, liculas, syngoniums and marantas to create an indoor garden space that had a depth in terms of the planting volume, texture and colour.

The planting design adds an interesting layer of experience to the restaurant. Every seat is unique in the sense that it is characterized by the planting design and the natural light quality of that particular space. In the early mornings and evenings, the yellow light of the sun bounces off the spectrum of greens to create a truly magical, fleeting feeling that is hard to capture on camera. An indoor garden of this complexity would take about a year to fully mature and we can't wait to see it “fully grown up”